$ 22.00

UPDATE:  All prints in store now!

UPDATE:  Snake has shipped.  Will be in store Wednesday, June 19.

UPDATE 5/21 Leopard & Camo IN STOCK NOW!

UPDATE 4/7:  Two additional cases of leopard will be in store 4/30 - 5/10.  Possibly sooner!

UPDATE 3/16: 

CAMO:  In store now!   

LEOPARD:  Two more cases of leopard will be in store on Monday 3/18 to fill some prior orders.  Two additional cases coming mid-April to fill rest of existing orders.  I have a third case coming that I ordered as extra!  We will now open that up for orders.  That case will not be in store until April!   

SNAKE:  Will be in store in May.



UPDATE 2/4 LEOPARD: RESTOCK! Ordered another case of leopard on Friday. We now have four more cases coming. We have shipments arriving every week from now until 3/8. 

UPDATE 1/24 LEOPARD:  OK Ladies! We ordered more sizes! The leopard shoes were sold out on the website from size 6.5-8.5 so I got another case. These will ship to us between 1/25 - 2/15. This is it! We won't be getting more. Grab your size at this link.

UPDATE 1/23:  LEOPARD:  YAY! I just spoke to the shipping department for the LEOPARD COMFORT SNEAKERS! We have five cases being prepared for shipment to us tomorrow and the other two cases will ship middle of next week. We should have shoes by Wednesday! I know you are anxious to get your shoes but not near as excited as I am to get them to you. 

NEW UPDATE as of 1/15:
Camouflage arrive in store on Thursday. We will TAG you on the pick up list as soon as all cases are unpacked and orders bagged.

UPDATE on LEOPARD as of 1/15:
My Message to supplier: Is there an update on when the leopard will ship to us?
Email from supplier: Leopard color is coming into warehouse sometime tomorrow. We will have your order shipped later this week.  
Yay! That means shoes will be in store on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. If you didn't get yours, use this link to grab a pair. We won't be getting anymore til mid to late February.

UPDATE 1/11:  CAMO:  All cases of camouflage shipped to us today. We will receive mid-week. Will give definite date as soon as I get the tracking number.  LEOPARD:  Waiting on shipping confirmation regarding the cases of leopard. Will update again as soon as I get confirmation.  

UPDATE 1/9:  TODAY'S UPDATE on the leopard and camouflage comfort sneakers. I messaged them yesterday and here is the reply I received last night. (Message from supplier): "The first shipment of this item is here at the port and waiting to be released. The containers should arrive either Thursday or Friday. Please be patient with us, we will get your order out as soon as possible."  This does not mean all customer orders will be filled from this shipment. Remember we will fill orders based on when you ordered/paid. We have a second shipment coming around 1/18. All cases will be in store very soon!

UPDATE 1/6: I know everyone is very anxious to get your shoes. Me too! If you ordered leopard or camouflage comfort sneakers, Here is the latest update from the supplier.
My email to them yesterday: I hate to bother you AGAIN but is there any update on when shoes will be in warehouse to ship out? My customers are very anxious. I have 15 total cases ordered.
Their reply: We will have our first shipment arrive sometime next week. We will get your order prepared as soon as we get confirmation that the item has arrived.
Me: Original ship dates were 1/5 & 1/18. Will I get all cases from your first shipment?
Them: Due to the size of your order, we will send as many cases as possible from the first shipment.

UPDATE 12/28:  All Camouflage and Leopard cases will be shipping from warehouse from 1/3 - 1/18.  Warehouse is closed for holiday until 1/2.  Orders are filled on "first pay" basis.  Please check the pick up list frequently.  The list is pinned to the top of facebook group in announcements.

UPDATE 12/3:  Camouflage ETA 12/29-1/5  Leopard 12/29-1/18 Several cases ordered and ship dates vary based on when you order.

UPDATE 11/22 12:15: I have now ordered five cases of each. I will start cancelling unpaid invoices after the game and filling orders from what is left. Pay quickly! **There are still smaller sizes left so keep ordering. I am headed out now for Thanksgiving with family and will check in throughout the game.

UPDATE: I have ordered a total of four cases now of each. Cannot guarantee arrival dates until supplier opens tomorrow. The first case of camo will be in store on Tuesday and there are sizes 5, 5.5, 6, 7 left in that case. All others, I will update arrival date sometime tomorrow morning. Pay quickly as orders will be filled based on "first pay".

UPDATE: I have ordered more. PLEASE comment with ALL information needed below for an invoice.

So excited! These comfort sneakers have been on back order for months! I was able to snag a case of camouflage yesterday and they have already shipped! Some sizes, there are only one available so grab them quick. Will not be able to get more until late December.

Comfort Sneaker
Camouflage - First case has shipped. Will be in store on Tuesday 11/27 ETA - 12/1-1/5 for additional cases. Will know more on ETA tomorrow when supplier opens. Last message I got, they still had a few cases of camo.
Leopard - ETA 12/29 - 1/18 *Will have better idea of ship dates when supplier open tomorrow morning.

Sizes - 5, 5.5, 6 , 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10
Early order discount price $20